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Civil War

This isn’t how I thought my life would be. Not an uncommon sentiment, I know, but I can’t be original in every way. When I was five I thought I would be a wizard or a warrior. Maybe the first mortal to figure out how to kill a vampire. Or a Guardian of the Peace. For a while I even wanted to be a baker. One thing never crossed my mind: that I would be forced to hide from both sides of a civil war.

The Text

My iPhone beeps and I look at it automatically, reading the text message that lights up the screen. Then I read it again. And again. I almost ask Stacey to verify I’m not losing my mind. The chill of the early morning creeps through my fingertips, encircles my heart. It’s Sam. A text from Sam. But how can it be? Sam is dead.


I decided to rescue him the moment I realized what he was. I wasn’t supposed to do it. It wasn’t part of the plan. Seeing him, half aware, afraid, and in pain, made the plan unimportant. I couldn’t abandon him to torture and despair.