• First Sentences

    From every wall of my bedroom

    The first day I thought it was a plant. It had leaves, after all. The second day I still thought it was a plant. Yes, it was weird that there were vines growing on seven separate surfaces with no visible connections to the plant I’d brought in the previous day, but it had vines and leaves and I’m not a scientist. On the third day it waved at me from every wall of my bedroom and I no longer had any idea what it was.

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    If it weren’t for other people

    When someone struggles with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, they’re usually their own worst enemy. I think something we should all keep in mind when we interact with people is that we have no idea what they’re walking with. Be kind.

    On an opposite note, this First Sentence popped into my head:

    I think I’d be pretty good at this whole life thing if it just weren’t for other people.

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    After this, she declared war

    It turns out getting your home ready for an open house takes time. That’s why I haven’t been posting as regularly as normal. I hope I never end up selling a place I’m still living in again.

    The Star Trek and Doctor Who online fandoms have gotten really toxic. I don’t consider myself a Star Wars fan but I’ve read enough comments to see the toxicity there too. To be clear, you can like or dislike a show, and express your like or dislike, without being toxic. There are certainly fans in that category. But when looking at the loud and toxic mess, on one hand there are people talking about how liberal virtue signaling Social Justice Warriors have destroyed these beloved franchises and on the other hand there are accusations of racism, sexism, and Trump support against those who aren’t fans of the current iterations of these franchises. It gets so tiring and depressing to see and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

    I want more fun in my fandoms.

    On an unrelated note…

    It was the dining room table that destroyed our “friendship,” if you can call it that. She put it in far right hand corner. I centered it in the room so that my friends and I could all sit around it. After this, she declared war. Of course, I didn’t know that until weeks later.

  • First Sentences

    I wasn’t surprised

    I wasn’t surprised. When I heard Ellis say those cold, cruel words to Hannah, I wasn’t surprised. I wanted to be, even tried to be, but I wasn’t. After all these years, after knowing him for all these years, I’ve mostly moved beyond surprise. It’s only natural.

    I’ve seen him do more spontaneous, insane, thoughtless, and just plain stupid things than I can, or even care to, remember. I’ve seen him be arrogant and unkind to the point of near viciousness

    I’ve also seen – and been on the receiving end of – his unwavering dedication. Though I can have trouble reconciling his seemingly contradictory behavior, it rarely surprises me anymore. I’ve simply known him for too long.

    He is wild and unpredictable. He always has been.

    So I wasn’t surprised.

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    In defense of what I’ve done since

    “You stand accused of disregard for human life, blood rape, and murder. How do you plead?”

    “I plead guilty,” Elijah replies firmly to the matron of the proceedings, noticing the subtle shift in the stances of those assembled around him. A human wouldn’t see but his enhanced senses detect the indication of surprise. “I ask that I be allowed to argue not in defense of what I did, but in defense of what I’ve done since. I have changed. I would like to call a witness who can attest to it.”

    This is not something those who stand in judgment must discuss. They consider themselves to be fair above all things. “We will allow it. What is this person?”

    “He is human.”

    Another near imperceptible shift. “Have you broken the conventions of secrecy?”

    “No. He knew of our kind before I met him.”

    “Very well.