• Glamour
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    History is full of people tricked into believing

    I cut myself making dinner the other evening. In an amusing turn of irony, it took over 24 hours for the small cut to stop bleeding.

    “If we had more parents like her, you’d have a power source that could defeat him.”

    “But no one else has ever believed me before, and they have to believe or it won’t work.”

    “Maybe you could…use a glamour?”

    “Would that…count? Would it work? Can you trick someone into believing?”

    “History is full of people tricked into believing.”

    “But does it work as a source for magic if you deceive them into giving you their belief?”

    “As long as you can believe it will, it will.”

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    You went to that mother for a reason

    I have accomplished my main goal of the evening: I completed my vote by mail ballot. Please join me in voting in this midterm election.

    Today, in Don’t Bleed:

    “You need something stronger than the circle he’s created.”

    “Yes, I know. Any ideas on what?”

    “Just the idea you already had.”

    I raise my eyebrows and circle my hands in a get-on-with-it gesture.

    “Look, you went to that mother for a reason.”

  • Battle of Magics
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    No need to get into a battle of magics

    It’s been a relaxing and productive day.

    It’s not until I get home that I see it – the small nick on my left forearm. And of course it could have happened at any time, but it didn’t. It’s not that he doesn’t see me as a threat, it’s that there was no need to get into a battle of magics when something so simple could neutralize me so easily. Especially if it’s a spellcast cut.

    (more for Don’t Bleed)

  • Happy Birthday, Mari!
    Random Ramblings


    I had a wonderful day with my wonderful niece, Mari. She just gets more and more awesome the older she gets and I’m so glad I got to hang out with her on her 12th birthday. But, seriously, holy fuck where did the time all go? Also, as she just pointed out, she gets more awesome everyday.

    Giggles were had, as was Dole Whip (obviously), and Chipotle. We played random Disney trivia games on YouTube (I would like to point out that Toy Story was made before Disney bought Pixar so it’s not actually a Disney movie and anything that suggests otherwise is all LIES). She also introduced me to the movie Happy Death Day. I didn’t know anything about it going in but I liked it a lot, it kept me hooked and had funny parts too.

    Mari and I have many inside jokes and I’m looking forward to our having many more. And Mari is so awesome that I’m not even going to do a First Sentence or Don’t Bleed blurb. Today, it’s all Mari.

    Happy Birthday, Mari!

    P.S. I’m sorry about the creepy Star Trekkin’ potatoes, Mari. Please forgive me.

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    I know the truth of what he’s done

    I’m writing this in anticipation of my brother and fabulous oldest niece arriving soon for a weekend visit. It’s her birthday tomorrow and I’m looking forward to celebrating with them.

    More for Don’t Bleed (someday I will have time to string all of this together into cohesive story parts that I will post, I promise):

    After all my worrying, he just lets me leave. It’s not reassuring. It means he sees me as so insignificant as to not be a threat, even though I know the truth of what he’s done. And with all my lack of ideas, he’s right.

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    This evening spiraled somewhat. I’m consequently tired, kind of grumpy, and really looking forward to rebooting myself (AKA: going to sleep and waking up tomorrow morning).

    Another Don’t Bleed speck:

    I need to do something about the energy source. I can’t stop it – somewhere someone in the world is always going to be bleeding and there’s nothing I can do about that – so I need to stop it from getting to him.

    Oh, yeah, brilliant bit of reasoning. NOT. Because how do I do that?

  • I need to break that circle
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    The spell seems like a paradox

    I spent an hour long therapy appointment talking about the concerns my therapist and I share regarding the politics of our country and where they are headed. While the conversation dwelt on a lot of depressing topics, it was overall reassuring to connect with another person who sees red flags and backward progress.  Though it’s not really progress when it’s backward, is it?  Regression. Yeah, I’ll go with that. A person who sees red flags and regression.

    It’s not that a lot of progress hasn’t been made overall. When you look at the kind of open, unapologetic, aggressive racism of the Jim Crow era and realize that it wasn’t very long ago, it’s impossible to deny how much things have changed. It’s that I want things to get better and better and it’s hard to see things slipping back on any civil rights front.

    Civil rights are for everyone, even the people you disagree with.

    Anyway, moving on to today’s Don’t Bleed related blurb:

    The spell seems like a paradox. It feeds the very thing it relies on, getting stronger and stronger as it goes round. I need to break that circle, but I don’t see the way in.

  • You can't tell but she's purring
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    A better plan

    I edited Chapter 3, and I think chances are good that I’m going to turn it into Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, because otherwise it’s a long and rather bleak chapter. It’ll still be bleak, but five bleak short sections feel easier to get through than one bleak long one.

    Naturally, Ianta followed from where she was making a nuisance of herself while I edited my novel printout to where she can make a nuisance of herself while I write this post. I love her anyway.

    Another short one for Don’t Bleed:

    So the big question is: how do I get out of here without arousing suspicion that I’m just retreating to formulate a better plan?

  • Too many knives
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    All the life ebbing from me would make him stronger

    Just finished editing Chapters 1 and 2 (from Part Two) of my novel. Really wanted to edit Chapter 3 but it’s long and I need to go to bed early. I’m so over being sleep deprived.

    Continuing the super short Don’t Bleed (yeah, yeah, I’m a Whovian) blurbs:

    He looks right at me, “Don’t make me kill you.”

    There are too many knives in this room. All it would take is one well-aimed stab and all the life ebbing from me would make him stronger. My disadvantage is clear. I can’t kill him with knives and his magic is in a different class than mine.