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Almost without question

I edited Chapter 6 and the beginning of Chapter 7 of Part Two today. Then a friend called. Of course, my periodic checking of election results wasn’t helping on the Chapter 7 front either. Chapter 7 is significant so I’ve decided I’ll edit it in full tomorrow.

This round of editing has me unsure. I think maybe about 1/3 of this novel should be cut, but then maybe I’m just too familiar with the story. Maybe more of it is necessary than seems right now. I might need some outside input to help answer that question. We’ll see.

Another short one today because I’ve gotten enough sleep the last several days and it’s fabulous and I need to keep that up:

They believe me almost without question once their children heal before their eyes, and I hate myself even more.

(Yes, it’s Don’t Bleed. Maybe Don’t Bleed will be my reward story for getting this novel in a fit state…)

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