Updated website design.


I'm blogging again! I will be posting First Senteces or other story blurbs everyday, and a short story every month. Check it out!


Two and a half years later, iTunes finally added my stories In Search of Redemption and Making a Call!


Removed graphic design sections of the website. I am currently not pursuing graphic design professionally and plan to focus exclusively on writing.


Minor update to fiction page for clarity.


My stories are now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Most of them are also available on iTunes.

I updated my fiction page with cover art and with links to the various places my stories are available for purchase.

I've also added a blog: Storying! Please visit it for story excerpts and random snippets of writing.


My stories are available for digital purchase! See my fiction page for more details or visit my Smashwords page to read samples and make purchases.


Added bottom navigation links, an updates page, and a resources page as a thank you to the various helpful websites that were very useful in the creation of this website. "The Osprey" is edited and ready to be published; several other stories are close to being polished and done.


ErikaFriedman.com launches and editing of short stories continues.