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It’s not like he was made to hug

I updated the design of my non-blog website over the weekend. Responsive design makes images wonky to deal with and I’m still figuring out the best way to handle them, but I figured I can tweak them as I feel like it.

Joshua runs at Dominic and hugs him as soon as Dominic walks into the bar.

“Er…” Dominic flounders awkwardly, arms splayed. His hands spasm into fists before he forcefully relaxes them and pats Joshua on the back a couple of times.

Joshua pulls away, rolling his eyes. “Fucking figures. Thousands of years pretending to be human and you don’t even know how to hug properly.”

“How drunk are you?” Dominic demands, sidestepping that observation. It’s not like he was made to hug. The reek of alcohol covers the human.

“Eh,” Joshua shrugs. “Lost track.”

“‘Fucking figures,’” Dominic retorts icily. “Warlock assassins are on our asses and you get drunk.”

 “I thought you were dead,” Joshua states bluntly. “So, yeah, I’m drunk.”


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