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Shortest Fanfic Ever

Some of my friends know that I used to write a lot of fanfiction, mostly when I was in high school and college. A lot of it is even available online.

I’ve continued to occasionally write fanfic, though in recent years it’s been entirely for my own amusement with no intention of ever sharing it.

Yesterday I finished listening to the Count of Monte Cristo audiobook. I’d already listened to a different audiobook of it twice and read it once, so this was my fourth time experiencing the story.

I’ve written three fanfics for the Count of Monte Cristo, and this morning I amused myself writing what I’m proclaiming to be my shortest fanfic ever. It would be my fourth one for this fandom if you were to include it in the list.

If you haven’t read the book this will be spoilery and make no sense, and it may not even make sense if you haven’t read it recently or enough times.

After the funeral, the Count of Monte Cristo walked Maximilien back to his home and told him that Valentine was not dead, and that he would be reunited with her in just a month’s time.

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