Imagined Snippets

Overlapped ours just enough

Of alternate realities and scenes that will never make it into my novel:

<An experiment,> I repeat, taken aback, <Based on what happened to you when you were a child. He wants you to try and make yourself disappear?>

<That’s right.> 

<Is it safe?>

<He’s invented probes that should make the transition with me, allowing him to monitor me at all times.>


<He thinks I phased myself into another dimension, one that overlapped ours just enough for me to see and hear everything.>

<So it’s not safe,> I go back to the question he glossed over.

<Well… There are definite risks.>

<Such as your getting stuck in whatever place you will yourself to,> I state bluntly. <Why do you want to do this?>

<He thinks it may be related to what happened to the Lyril.>

I sit down, almost lurch down, into the chair. 

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