Cut But Still Good

Projecting my desire for solitude

From a scene that ended up turning into a different scene, one this didn’t fit into:

Buttoning my gray coat and turning the collar up against the wind, I walk parallel to the water, projecting my desire for solitude. Not in a way that will intrude on thoughts or conversation, but enough that anyone forming a telepathic link with me would understand. I want to be left alone.


  • T

    I love this one! Sometimes it must feel like Sophie’s choice on choosing what parts get to stay in a story and what parts have to go.

    • firedrake88

      Thanks! This is a super power that I want to have, especially when I’m out walking my dog. This, and teleportation. It is tough to figure out what to keep and what to cut, but at least I can always save the stuff I cut for later perusal and enjoyment. So…it could be worse. :)

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