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Seems like you could use a few more lessons yourself

Having watched Harry Potter movies 3, 4, 5, and 6 over the weekend has left me rereading some of my favorite Harry Potter fanfiction. There are stories I liked enough to turn into ebooks to read on my Kindle. They’re very different from the series and a couple of my absolute favorites include novel length takes on Snape adopting Harry. It sounds completely insane but it involves Snape being a better person than he actually was (and not being in love with Harry’s mom) and some stories pull it off in a really entertaining way.

Anyway, I’ll be getting back to rereading Harry Potter fanfic after posting this conversation that never ended up in any draft of my novel:

<You’ve lost your mind.>

<You’re just full of hate and fear. No harm’s been done.>

<That’s just because you were lucky. If it had worked you would have handed them more tools to use against us.>

<If it had worked they would be like us.>

<It takes more than just our abilities to make people like us. It’s everything else we were taught too.>

<Compassion? Respect for all people and their cultures? Seems like you could use a few more lessons yourself.>

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