The Doors to Madness
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All the doors to madness

This evening I looked at the list of things I need to do in my novel and…I did one of them! PROGRESS!

This evening I also started the tedious process of resetting my iPhone and reconfiguring it again from scratch, because Apple thinks this may solve the bizarre issue of my new phone’s battery health slowly being sucked away.

One of these things was a lot more fun than the other.

Anyway, with a phone that’s probably only 5% set up and various things to do as I wind down for bed, I’m going to leave you with a snippet I never did fit into my novel (but I haven’t given up hope):

When you’re past their defenses you can open all the doors to madness. And once they’re open, they can’t just be closed. It’s a lot easier to break something than it is to fix it.

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