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Worrying in the privacy of my own thoughts

Last night was our company Christmas party. I thought I’d be able to post after I got home but it went a lot later than I expected and I was too exhausted. It’s the only day I’ve missed posting since I started up again on August 27, so I think I’m doing really well overall.

I ended up getting very little sleep last night so I’m pretty braindead at the moment. I’m going to make this related to my last post. This was another idea for the same part of the book. This one didn’t make it into the novel either:

Carson sleeps most of the three days following his arrival. I leave him in peace to sort through the last six months, worrying in the privacy of my own thoughts.

It amuses me that Carson’s behavior in the two approaches is the exact opposite.

Also, that’s not a picture of Carson sleeping but it made me giggle so I went with it.

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