Wide Open Spaces
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Wide open spaces

In my various novel meanderings of the weekend, I came across an important interlude that’s never made it into the novel. It’s important backstory so I’d like to work it in somehow.

<It’s not that simple. The Lyril developed telepathy naturally and relatively quickly. But not shielding. Their world is several times bigger than Earth, with wide open spaces.>

<I understand the words you’re saying…>

<By the time different tribes were coming into conflict, they could speak silently and feel what other people felt. But they didn’t know how to shield yet. You can’t believe someone isn’t as much a person as you are when they feel things the same way you do.>

<Yeah. You have a point.>

Carson looks surprised.

<But what does it change? We can’t change how humans evolved.>

<But we can keep it in mind.>

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