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I read all of Part Two today. I didn’t have time to read Part Three, but reading the entirety of my novel in a single weekend was a very optimistic goal. I could have managed it without having to meal prep and take care of other chores, but, alas, I have no staff to handle those tasks for me.

Part Three is the shortest of the parts so I hope to get through it over the next couple evenings. I can say for sure that it’s Part Two that needs the most work. At worst, some scenes need to be trimmed from Part One, and some need to be fleshed out for Part Three, but Part Two has some jarring flow issues. I’m going to have to do a lot of brainstorming to figure out the best way to solve them.

Here’s a paragraph from Part Two:

On Lyril there were Lounges in every city. Like a cafe but without the food and drink. A set of interconnected rooms with comfortable chairs, tables, and public computer terminals. Professionals would go there to work, students to study, and those needing solitude of thought but not of company would take comfort in the presence of others. Here the two most similar places I’ve discovered are Starbucks and libraries, but neither fills the spot I imagine when I read about Lounges in the Filument’s vast archive of Lyril texts.

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