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It’s slightly problematic that we’re identical

Back to novel editing! I must have written Chapter 9 quickly because there were a lot of typos. I’m getting there though. Only about 100 pages left in this readthrough!

My cat didn’t help.

In other news, my thyroid function has been all over the place. My endocrinologist says to eat healthy, meditate to manage stress, and have my bloodwork run again in 8 weeks. She doesn’t recommend medicating while it’s fluctuating. It’s starting to feel like I’ll be getting my thyroid tested every two months for the rest of my life. Yes, I’m being dramatic.

For the Unheired Prince:

“We can’t both ride in there. It’s slightly problematic that we’re identical and you don’t have a twin.”

The prince can’t dispute this.

“I’ll go in through the secret passage.”

“All right,” he agrees.

I don’t understand why he sounds so reluctant.

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