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The perception of his indestructibility

I’m home from my Thanksgiving visit with my brother and niece, Mari. I’ve prepped all my thyroid test results for my appointment with an endocrinologist tomorrow. I’ll be interested in hearing what she thinks my thyroid is doing.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to getting back to my novel (and to watching this week’s new episode of the Charmed reboot).

For the Unheired Prince:

We argue about it for a long time. In interrupted sessions at first, because when he tries to get to his feet it becomes evident he didn’t escape his headfirst fall uninjured. He struggles to stand, then settles for sitting so we can assess how badly he’s hurt. Between the probing spells, and then the healing spells, we go back and forth. He’s unrelenting.

Making the two mile hike to where I camped last night gives us enough time to realize there’s nothing I can say to stop him. So, instead, we shift to planning his return. His head advisor will need to know about the switch, but no one else. That leaves managing the perception of his indestructibility, hunting for anyone else involved in his kidnapping, and rescheduling the coronation. And, of course, eliminating me.

My cat Ianta literally interrupted my writing the above two paragraphs at least five times.

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