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But at least he’s not dead

I’m packed and ready to go! Except for the food and other items I can’t pack until tomorrow morning. Planning to get up at the same time that I do for work so that I can leave at/by 8:00am. We’ll see how that goes.

For the Unheired Prince:

The thing I didn’t think about, and really should have, is what would happen to the prince once his captors were taken care of. Naturally, the spell that suspends him upside down is tied to them, and when they’re gone, it ends. So he falls. Headfirst.

Fortunately, he is rather more prepared for this eventuality and manages to extend his arms, tuck his head, and somehow roll with the landing. The grass below him also helps. He ends up on his back, swearing, but at least he’s not dead.

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