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What possible objection could you have?

Rather than edit specific chapters, I’ve been clicking through scenes on my computer. Not sequential scenes, just whatever I happen to land on. There was a stretch of time when I added so much so quickly that there are scenes I don’t remember the specifics of. The broad strokes, yes, but not the details. It’s an interesting feeling.

For the Unheired Prince:

“I’ll send in the third battalion.”


“The third battalion. I’ll send them to retrieve the prince.”


He raises his eyebrows, barely bothering to look at me, “What possible objection could you have?”

The speed with which he’s switched to casual disdain is remarkable. We’ve worked side by side for years, and now that he knows what I am he no longer respects me. “The soldiers in the third battalion can be killed. I can’t be. I won’t risk unnecessary loss of life.”

“You have no idea what odds you’d face in a solo effort. Just because you can’t be killed doesn’t mean he can’t be.”

“We have no idea the odds anyone would face. I will assess the situation covertly and then decide whether to proceed on my own or with reinforcements.”

He shakes his head, still dismissive. “If you’re seen or caught they’d only increase security and make the battalion’s job more difficult.”

“You seem to be under the mistaken impression that this is open to debate. It’s not. As soon as we leave this room, I am the prince and you are the prince’s advisor. It’s my orders they will follow.”

“As soon as they know-”

“You will not tell them the truth of what I am so let’s not waste our time by pretending otherwise. Anything you could claim about a temporary lapse in my ability to lead would only harm the prince. You won’t risk it. I will go in alone to determine the nature of the situation and that’s the end of this conversation.” And with that, I walk to the door, open it, and leave without a backward glance.

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