Can't Be Killed
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They need never know about me

I’ve considered, on and off, changing the tone of my novel’s ending to something more hopeful. Of course, the name “The Way of Attrition” might not be as accurate then, and the ending I have has lasted all the years I’ve been writing this novel, so I guess we’ll see. I have part of the more hopeful ending written, so it’ll exist in some form either way, even if it ends up being in an alternative writer’s universe.

More for the Unheired Prince:

I can’t be killed. Well, I can be killed, but only by the prince. Since he’s not functional, I essentially can’t be killed. That was the whole point of this arrangement. The whole point of my existence.

I should be able to find, rescue, and bring him home. The people can crown their true leader. Now that the war is over, there’s no reason for him to remain in isolation. No one outside the circle of royal advisers need know he was ever gone. They need never know about me.

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