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Alive and comatose

Chapters 12, 13, and 14 have me feeling like my novel’s in pretty good shape. I’m sure chapters 15, 16, etc. will have me sure it needs a lobotomy. (Now’s a great time for a laughing/crying emoticon.)

The Unheired Prince:

When the connection goes cold it terrifies me. He’s not dead; I would know it if he were dead, but he’s worse than unconscious. I can follow my link to him. Should I go now or wait to see if he gets himself out of whatever situation he’s gotten himself into?

But how can he get himself out if he’s worse than unconscious?

Then there’s the coronation. Having it without him was one thing when he was alive and well. Having it without him when he’s alive and comatose, or whatever he is, well, it makes my stomach twist.

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