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This is a hell of a distinction

Meal prepping and various adulting responsibilities were accomplished today. Not entirely sure on the soup I made for my dinners this week. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t love it. Hopefully it’ll grow on me. My jury’s also still out on the food processor I got last weekend. Hopefully that will grow on me too.

Today, in Don’t Bleed:

“It seems hard to believe one person could have caused all of these problems.”

“Never underestimate human determination. It’s a wonderful thing, but it’s usually mixed with human stupidity. I get wanting to be immortal. Sort of. I guess I get not wanting to die because no one knows for sure what’s next. But the magnitude of that spell of his…. And he clearly didn’t fully understand it, screwing with a balance he couldn’t grasp…”

“And doesn’t it figure that the way it backfired benefited him?”

“Yeah, but how much do you have to lack compassion to be okay with causing the deaths of so many people?”

“Well, another thing to never underestimate is a human’s ability to not give a shit about anyone else. People have done so many awful things throughout history, always able to make some distinction between themselves and the people they were harming.”

“This is a hell of a distinction – him versus literally everyone else.”

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