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The sharp edged ones

Thank you to everyone who’s read, or will be reading, the first chapter of my novel!

It’s been a tough day. I didn’t get much sleep last night and have had trouble concentrating on much this afternoon and evening.

Stepping back to an earlier point in Don’t Bleed (and with some obvious Easter eggs for a couple friends of mine):

The first items to go were the sharp edged ones.

Families willing to forego cooking put their best knives in storage, some followed with their blenders and food processors. Table and chain saws were stowed away, lawn mowers left unused, razors thrown out unopened.

Multitudes invested in safety gloves and other gear, but all parents guarded the things that could draw blood from their children. Even those without guns bought safes for what used to be everyday items.

Paper, of all things, become too risky to handle with bare hands.

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