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That we have it without you?

The last twenty four hours did not go as planned. Rather than dwell on that, I’m going to focus on how I will begin editing my novel (again). Tomorrow I have plans with a friend so Saturday is my day to embark on this new leg of my odyssey.

(As a side note, Ianta just came and planted herself between me and my iMac).

In honor of the best laid plans, I present today’s First Sentence:

“Can’t? What do you mean you can’t?”

“It’s a really simple word. Surely you don’t need me to define it?”

“It’s your coronation. You picked the day. Representatives from over 200 nations are already here. What are you proposing? That we have it without you?” He speaks each word slowly, as if I’ve suddenly become hard of understanding.

“I’m suggesting we tell them the truth.”

“And what is the truth? Why can’t we have your coronation tomorrow?”

“Because I’m not the true heir.”


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