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Not human, not well

I enjoyed a lovely evening visiting with friends. Music came up, and I played them a few songs, including Time Bomb by the Dave Matthews Band. These are my favorite lyrics from that song:

If martians fell from the sky
What would that do to god?
Would we put the weapon down
Or aim it up at the sky?
No one would believe it
Except the fucking nut jobs
They’d laugh and cry we told you so

I love science fiction for the questions it asks and for the creative ways it showcases our own societal prejudices and weaknesses. I think that’s why I love these lyrics.

I went to college in Fresno, a city I would describe as fairly conservative and religious. After growing up in the Bay Area, it was an eye-opening and shocking change. I’d never realized that there are a lot of people who believe I will go to hell because I’m not Christian. I’d never realized people thought anyone would go to hell for believing the “wrong” thing, or that so many people would act like they knew the truth about life and god, and knew what would happen to me since I disagreed with them.

I had a friend the first year and half of college who was Catholic, but not like any Catholic I’d met. I remember telling her I wanted to believe in reincarnation and she said, “Then do.” That was so unlike the religious certainly I’d met with from others in the area and I loved that about her. She was so openminded and willing to discuss any and all ideas. She thought it was a contradiction that people could say they believed in god but that they didn’t believe in aliens, because, if god exists, god would be an alien (not from earth).

I’d never thought about it like that before. Listening to the song reminded me of her. I’ve always regretted that we drifted apart and I’ve tried to find her online a few times with no luck. Wherever she is, I hope she’s well.

I wrote this First Sentence today:

“Step back!”


“Stay away.”

I don’t understand until he turns around and I see. He’s not human. And he’s not well.

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