To boldly go where no Elf has gone before
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To boldly go where no Elf has gone before?

I had an interesting dream last night. In the dream, I was talking about a story idea – a Stark Trek / fantasy Elves crossover. In it, a spaceship with faster than light-speed capabilities crashes on a remote planet, far from where anyone would think to look for it. The technology is damaged so they can’t get home for reasons.

The planet they’ve crashed on is populated by Elves, who are ruled by an ultra wealthy upper class. The vast majority of the Elves are poor. There are enormous amounts of classism and racist at play, though my dream didn’t elucidate on the racism front.

The spaceship people decide to share their surviving technology with the poor oppressed Elves, who use it to overthrow the rich ruling class and transform the society to one that isn’t driven by increasing the wealth of a few at the expense of everyone else.

One of the clearest memories I have in the dream is of musing to a friend that I probably wouldn’t be able to actually use Star Trek characters for the spaceship people.

In retrospect, the dream is both amusing and very telling about my thoughts and feelings about the current political situation in the United States, and my wish for some kind of magical fix.

And how about the complete lack of a Prime Directive for my Star Trek like spacegoers?

Here’s an imagined possible intro to this story, written right now:

“There’s nothing I can do! We’re doing down.”

“Try to keep the ship intact.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“I want everyone else to buckle up and…pull up all the information we have on that planet down there. Print it, transfer it to Portals, do whatever you have to to make sure we have it even if the main computer dies.”

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