Imagined Snippets,  Red

I thought you were trying to reassure her

I feel like I should go back and show how Joshua and Dominic met. When I wrote that first scene I wasn’t planning for it to turn into a story.

I’ll have to think of something suitable.

Meanwhile, from where we left off:

“Just how closely do you think they’ll be spying on her? If I send her a text telling her I’m okay and asking her to delete the text right away, would they be looking close enough to see it?”

“I thought you were trying to reassure her. Asking her to delete the text sounds strange and ominous.”

“Stranger than the week I’ve had?”

“Of course not, but strange in the context of a familial relationship. Unless something like this has happened before and she will therefore understand that it’s not safe for her to know what’s going on and simultaneously not be alarmed by that?”

Joshua sighs. Loudly. “Wouldn’t it be better than her thinking I’m dead?”

Dominic considers this.

Joshua frowns at how long Dominic appears to be thinking this over. “I mean, wouldn’t any mom rather know her kid is alive?”

“I would not know. I did not have one.”

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