Imagined Snippets,  Red

The implications of that

Joshua’s iPhone vibrates in his pocket, where he’d forgotten it. He pulls it out and sees that it’s survived the accident without damage. It’s lit it up with the word ‘Mom’ and a photo of her. It’s very late for her to be calling – past 2:00am – so something must be wrong.

He starts sliding his finger across the screen to answer but before he can, Dominic snatches it from him.


“It’ll be much safer for your family if they don’t know anything about where you are or what’s happening to you.”

“You mean the people after us will send people after them too?”

The call goes to voicemail. Dominic doesn’t hand the phone back to him. “They will spy on your family. If you don’t make contact with your family then they shouldn’t have any reason to harm them.”

“Except as bait to draw me out.”

Dominic shakes his head. “Not if they don’t find out about the power you have. Right now, you’re only in danger because of your association with me. They’re unlikely to use your family as bait because they know it won’t get them what they currently want – me.”

Joshua frowns as he thinks through the implications of that – that Dominic wouldn’t help Joshua save his family if his family was put in danger because of this mess of a situation.

The iPhone lights up again, this time with a voicemail notification.

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