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You shouldn’t have been compatible

I wasn’t able to post yesterday because my website was partially down – some people could access it but I couldn’t. <sarcasm>Yay for changing domain registrars without updating the DNS.</sarcasm>

Finished getting my edits and notes for Part Two in tonight.  Once I get Part Three in, I have several things to fix. I think I’m going to start with the timeline. Originally this novel was going to take place over much less time than it does. It’s been extended, but not everywhere so there are still places where it talks about months passing when it’s been over a year. It’s not going to be difficult to fix but it is going to be tedious. I love my writing app but I can’t just tell it to find every single reference to the passage of time. Maybe someday.

Moving on to some Red fun:

“What the hell does that mean?” Joshua demands.

“Creatures from the in-between have tremendous power.,” Dominic explains. “That power doesn’t die with them, it gets released. If they die in the in-between it gets reabsorbed into the balance. If they die in your world, it finds the nearest compatible host.” He frowns. “You shouldn’t have been compatible.”

Joshua can’t help but think of software and hardware. The comparison doesn’t reassure him. “Why not?”

“Humans are weak. The power would burn most of them.”

“I… So I’m strong for a human?”

Dominic opens his mouth, shuts it, and nods. “Yeah,” he says eventually. “We’re not safe out in the open. I was driving us to a safe house and that’s still our best bet.”

“How far is it?”

“Twenty miles.”

Joshua groans, looking at the wrecked car. “Please tell me we aren’t walking the rest of the way.”

“Of course not. We’ll steal a car.”

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