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A wraith from the in-between

Entered my edits and notes for Chapter 8 through Chapter 16 of Part One and Chapter 1 of Part Two. I had less time to work on the novel today because of annoying adult responsibilities like having to make food and wash dishes.  The struggle is real.

I’m thinking of calling my recent Joshua/Dominic or Joshua & Dominic writings Red, after the color theme that’s emerged across the images and text.

Dominic catches Joshua before his legs give out and lowers him to the ground, prizing the blade from his hand to set it on the dirt beside them.

The light is gone. Joshua feels a tingling throughout his body, stronger in his head, and then he doesn’t hurt anymore. The pain from the car accident injuries is gone. He touches his forehead, exploring. His fingers still come back sticky with blood but it doesn’t seem to be flowing and he can’t find a cut.

It’s not until Dominic waves a hand in front of Joshua’s face that he realizes Dominic is speaking, that Dominic has been speaking this whole time. There’s a buzzing. Now that he’s aware of it, it’s all Joshua can focus on. What is it? There’s nothing out here except for their wrecked car and the smoldering remains of whatever Joshua just killed.

Abruptly, it’s gone. 

“Can. You. Hear. Me?” 

“I can now,” Joshua says. “What just happened?”

“You absorbed the power of a wraith from the in-between.”

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