Imagined Snippets,  Red

With claws and fangs and three sets of wings

Joshua opens the car door and staggers onto the dirt by the side of the road. Somewhere beyond the pain are grunts and shouts, clangs and clatters. He wipes the blood from his face, grits his teeth, and tries to focus. 

Dominic is fighting something enormous and red, covered in feathers, with claws and fangs and three sets of wings. He’s wielding a silver blade. There’s another one on the ground a few paces away. Dominic must have started with two. The creature is blocking Dominic’s attacks with its claws, snapping at him with its teeth.

Joshua picks up the fallen blade without thinking about it. The motion makes his headache flare and he almost falls, blotches of darkness obscuring his vision. He blinks several times, squints his eyes. The creature has its back to him. His attention is drawn to the base of its wings. They’re vertically stacked on its back and between them is an opening where he sees no feathers, just fur.

Fluidly, as if he meant to do it from the moment he saw the blade, he raises it above his head and swings it down with all his force, straight into space between the thing’s wings.

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