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    Hollow and too loud

    Today did not go as planned. Sometimes I wonder why we even make plans.

    Regardless, I’ve succeeded in going to bed at 9:30pm the last couple nights and plan to do so again tonight. Hopefully I can keep that up for the next week or so and then work on moving it up to 9:00pm.

    I think my thyroid medication may need to be adjusted. I’ve had a harder and harder time getting up in the mornings and have been waking groggier than usual. My next appointment with my endocrinologist is Monday so we’ll see.

    Here’s a First Sentence:

    The chime sounds hollow and too loud. It doesn’t make sense for it to be both. Maybe it’s neither. I don’t know. Nothing makes sense right now.

    The picture is of me and my dog, Darcy. I think we’re very aligned in how sedate we’re feeling at the moment.

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    He broke something

    As I work to get my sleeping schedule back on track, I’m reminded of how hard it is to fit everything into the period between when I get home from work and when I go to bed. I wish adulting took less time. Or that I had a Time Turner. Or a TARDIS.

    Since the evening is getting away from me, here’s a First Sentence I wrote on June 10:

    He wanted to break me. And he didn’t succeed, not exactly. Not all of me. But he broke something.

    I don’t know where my mind was but it doesn’t sound like a happy story, does it?

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    I quite lost my senses

    Inspired by yesterday’s post, here’s the first paragraph of a Sherlock Holmes fanfic I wrote on 02/01/2017.

    I was so angry at his deception that I quite lost my senses. I walked out of the club while he was explaining his exploits to Lestrade, flagged down the first cab I saw, and asked the fellow to take me to his favorite restaurant. Once there, I ordered myself a simple meal, some good wine, and ate without fully registering the name of the establishment. Outside, another cabbie took me to his favorite hotel and I spent a quiet night hoping Holmes would not somehow manage to track me here, assuming he cared to try.

    The question being, of course, would Sherlock Holmes be able to find him?

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    Shortest Fanfic Ever

    Some of my friends know that I used to write a lot of fanfiction, mostly when I was in high school and college. A lot of it is even available online.

    I’ve continued to occasionally write fanfic, though in recent years it’s been entirely for my own amusement with no intention of ever sharing it.

    Yesterday I finished listening to the Count of Monte Cristo audiobook. I’d already listened to a different audiobook of it twice and read it once, so this was my fourth time experiencing the story.

    I’ve written three fanfics for the Count of Monte Cristo, and this morning I amused myself writing what I’m proclaiming to be my shortest fanfic ever. It would be my fourth one for this fandom if you were to include it in the list.

    If you haven’t read the book this will be spoilery and make no sense, and it may not even make sense if you haven’t read it recently or enough times.

    After the funeral, the Count of Monte Cristo walked Maximilien back to his home and told him that Valentine was not dead, and that he would be reunited with her in just a month’s time.

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    If it’s not enough

    One last picture of the lake for tonight’s post.

    I’m back from my one week vacation at Huntington Lake. As much fun as it was, and as beautiful as it is up there, I’m glad to be home with my purrfaces and puppy. They were all happy to see me, each in their own way.

    I relate a lot to this little imagined dialogue, except that I’m usually having the debate with myself.

    “I think it’s clear you’ve done everything you can.”

    “What does it matter if it’s not enough?”

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    An Update

    On February 20th, when I last posted, I had a terrible night. I’ve struggled with insomnia since middle school. It can take me hours to fall asleep only to spend the night waking every hour. It is, if I’m honest, profoundly wearying. 

    The night of February 20th was a tipping point. I spent the next morning exhausted and in a foul mood following 3-4 hours of much interrupted sleep, feeling very much the victim of the anxiety and restless thoughts that make it so difficult for me to drift off every night. Then I decided that I was going to solve my insomnia problem. Having often read that consistently going to bed and getting up at the same time every day would help with sleeping problems, I made a point of being in bed by 9pm every day and getting up at 5:30am every morning. I also invested in a Philips Wake-Up Light in an effort to wake up more naturally.

    I experienced great success following this regimen. I, in fact, fell asleep more easily and woke up feeling more refreshed. It was challenging, however, to fit in everything I wanted and/or needed to do every evening after work and still be in bed by 9pm.  Posting on my blog wasn’t something I’d yet fit in to my new routine, though I had every intention of remedying that.

    Life, however, does insist on unfolding contrary to our plans and I had a very busy several months. Selling my condo proved

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    I’ll find you in the morning sun

    Sometimes we deserve more than people give us, and sometimes people deserve more from us than we give.

    I’ll find you in the morning sun
    And when the night is new
    I’ll be looking at the moon
    But I’ll be seeing you…

    — Billie Holiday
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    The worst possible thing

    Today I have only this, a quote I am quite fond of:

    “To be different is not necessarily to be ugly; to have a different idea is not necessarily to be  wrong. The worst possible thing is for all of us to begin to look and talk and act and think alike.”

    – Gene Roddenberry

    #IDIC (infinite diversity in infinite combinations)

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    If it weren’t for other people

    When someone struggles with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, they’re usually their own worst enemy. I think something we should all keep in mind when we interact with people is that we have no idea what they’re walking with. Be kind.

    On an opposite note, this First Sentence popped into my head:

    I think I’d be pretty good at this whole life thing if it just weren’t for other people.