Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Text

My iPhone beeps and I look at it automatically, reading the text message that lights up the screen. Then I read it again. And again. I almost ask Stacey to verify I’m not losing my mind. The chill of the early morning creeps through my fingertips, encircles my heart. It’s Sam. A text from Sam. But how can it be? Sam is dead.


I decided to rescue him the moment I realized what he was. I wasn’t supposed to do it. It wasn’t part of the plan. Seeing him, half aware, afraid, and in pain, made the plan unimportant. I couldn’t abandon him to torture and despair.

Welcome to Storying!

This blog is very much in a state of flux as I experiment with the layout, colors, and graphics. Once I’ve got all of that hammered out I will post an excerpt from the story I’m currently working on, tentatively titled, “Above the Demise of the World.”