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    “Sufficiently advanced.”

    In continuation of yesterday’s First Sentence:

    The greatest desire of your soul.

    But that’s not possible. Even they can’t reverse life and death. They do magic, not wish-fulfillment. No matter what people think to the contrary, magic is always explicable to those who know enough to do so. How have I heard it said? “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” People who can’t explain it just aren’t “sufficiently advanced.”

  • Imagined Snippets

    The 200 we lost on the way

    “It’ll be a better life for us.”

    “You can’t know that! You’re risking everything for people who’ve been gone for 15 years. What about the people who are still here?”

    “Are the people who are still here worth the 200 we lost on the way?”

    “What about you son?”

    And this, at last, silences him. Because it won’t be a better life for his son. His son won’t exist.