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    Their surprise is what I need

    This evening I accomplished taking care of some boring adulting tasks. The good news is they’re done, so I don’t have to worry about fitting them into my Thanksgiving weekend. The less good news is that tomorrow after work I’ll be packing for my Thanksgiving weekend trip, so it’s a couple days of no time to work on my novel. Realistically, I won’t be doing any editing while I’m visiting family this weekend either. I’ll have to come back strong next week!

    Today, in the Unheired Prince:

    The prince comes to all at once. And since he’s floating upside down, he comes to unpleasantly. He struggles, trying to right himself, but he has nothing but air to work with for momentum. It doesn’t matter. His captors notice immediately, and their surprise is what I need.

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    This evening spiraled somewhat. I’m consequently tired, kind of grumpy, and really looking forward to rebooting myself (AKA: going to sleep and waking up tomorrow morning).

    Another Don’t Bleed speck:

    I need to do something about the energy source. I can’t stop it – somewhere someone in the world is always going to be bleeding and there’s nothing I can do about that – so I need to stop it from getting to him.

    Oh, yeah, brilliant bit of reasoning. NOT. Because how do I do that?

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    The shattered world in their eyes

    I’ve had a lovely, relaxing day with family and friends.

    Jumping right in, this is for the same story of the last several days:

    They’re all the same, the parents who come here. Terrified, desperate. Going in there’s hope, however great or small. Coming out, the lucky ones are relieved, whatever price they’ve had to pay steep, frightening, but better than the alternative. The rest, though, you can see the shattered world in their eyes.